Floriani Favorite Embroidery Tool Kit

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Floriani Favorite Embroidery Tool Kit.

From the Embroidery GURU and Master Digitizer Walter Floriani comes “Floriani’s Favorite Embroidery Tool Kit”.

In this kit you will find the absolute essentials for every embroiderer. Walter has carefully selected the 5 tools he has used most through his extensive career as an Embroidery Master. With Walter’s close guidance the very best materials have been used. These tools have been configured totally to his specifications.

Floriani Favorite Embroidery Tool Kit Contents.

E Z Snip.
Micro serrated snips perfect for any thread weight.

Angled Tweezers.
Multi use tweezers: Use the points for precise picking, use as a stiletto when closed. Use for embellishing, use the back side of the tweezers for picking up your crystals and beads, works great with any hot fix glue gun! Also use the back end of the tweezers for pulling paper with your paper piecing projects.

4.5 Inch Large Ring Micro Tip Scissors.
These are the perfect scissors for all your needle art projects. These scissors have nice large rings for easy in and out you wont have to worry about getting your fingers stuck in these. The fine sharp points make this perfect for getting underneath tight stitches and for all your “fussy” cutting projects.

Applique Scissors.
This is your traditional duck bill applique, great for trimming all your applique work.

5 Inch Straight Trimmer.
Perfect for timing your fabrics and stabilizers.


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