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The Bank Vault Canister Vacuum Cleaner


The Bank Vault Canister Vacuum is the most economical way to clean your home and remove harmful allergens from your air. With German-engineered “bare floor clean” sophistication in the nozzle and seven standard tools and accessories included, this is the only vacuum you’ll ever need.

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“Hands down, the best Soft Carpet vacuum that money can buy.”

The Bank Vault is truly the most economical way to clean your home and remove harmful allergens and dust particles from the air that you breathe. It features a sealed HEPA filtration system, which means that the dirt and allergens it picks up aren’t being put back into the air when you vacuum. This makes the Bank Vault ideal for allergy sufferers.

Contaminants Locked In

Mold, pollen, dust mites, and pet dander are no match for the Bank Vault’s filtration system. Literally ZERO of the contaminants you remove are released back into the air. The Vault is designed to give you the same high-powered cleaning performance as canisters that cost over $1,200.00, at a price that won’t break the bank.

As its name indicates, the Bank Vault locks in dirt, dust, and allergen particles so completely that NOTHING gets released back out when you vacuum. It actually expels cleaner air than the air you breathe – nothing can escape the Bank Vault!

Optional Soft-Clean Power Nozzle

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends the Bank Vault with Soft-Clean Power Nozzle to all consumers with soft carpet in their homes or offices (certified SILVER by CRI). With this nozzle attached to your Vault, you’ve got push-ability AND clean-ability for all thick carpet styles. The largest manufacturers of soft carpet (Shaw, Mohawk, and Beaulieu) all endorse the Vault with Soft-Clean Power Nozzle as the best canister vacuum for cleaning soft carpet. The only product endorsed by the Big Three!

Complete Tools Included

The Vault comes standard with seven floor tools and accessories to handle all of your floor care needs. From carpets, to smooth floors, to upholstery, to steps, and all the hard-to-reach spots in your home or business, the Bank Vault handles it all. Included:

  • German-Made Wessel-Work Electric Powerbrush
  • Bare Floor Tool with All-Natural Fibers
  • Outdoor Combination Carpet and Bare Floor Brush (for the garage, outdoor pavers, pool area, lanai, or other outdoors or messy jobs)
  • 3-in-1 Tool:
    • Specialized Bare Floor Brush (for nooks and crannies like under the counters or between chairs)
    • Dusting Brush (for ceiling fans and bookshelves)
    • Crevice Tool (gives you easy access to hard-to-reach corners and edges)
  • On-Board Dusting Brush (for leather furniture, non-carpeted stairs, lampshades, and tables)
  • On-Board Crevice Tool (for quick access to corners and edges)
  • On-Board Upholstery Tool (for upholstered furniture and carpeted stairs)

German Engineering

Concerned about damaging your delicate floors? Not to worry. The German-made nozzle of the Bank Vault collects every speck of sand and dust without breaking a sweat. Nothing is left behind in the nozzle brush to scratch your flooring.

The German Wessel-Werk nozzle is the shining star of the Bank Vault and works wonders on bare floors. The revolving brush nozzle effortlessly picks up particles both forwards and backwards. Engineers refer to these clean floors as “barefoot clean.” You can also adjust the suction level to give you a lighter revolving brush action when cleaning area rugs, without pulling out the delicate hand-woven fibers of Oriental and Persian rugs. Even thick Frieze carpet gets the deep-cleaning treatment from the Vault!

Bank Vault Features

  • The high-performing HEPA filtration system expels cleaner air than the air you breathe.
  • The secondary HEPA filter provides double HEPA filtration, eliminating fine dust that can’t be seen with the naked eye, and captures and eliminates odors at the same time.
  • Zero contaminant leakage before the air goes through the secondary HEPA filter, resulting in truly ZERO allergen emissions.
  • Four adjustable suction settings with LED lights:
    • Level 5 is best for higher-pile carpets, as well as bare floors.
    • Level 4 is ideal for mid-level carpeting.
    • Choose Level 3 for Persian, Oriental, and delicate area rugs.
    • Level 2 is perfect for Frieze carpet.
    • One LED light indicates that the vacuum is turned on.
  • 7-foot crush-proof hose and sleeve protector – twist the Bank Vault hose in knots, but it will. Not. Break!
  • The 80-inch swivel hose rotates a full 360 degrees at both ends, giving you great maneuverability and longer reach for hard-to-access areas.
  • The lightweight telescopic aluminum wand is adjustable for each person, ergonomically designed to take tension off lower back, shoulders, and wrist.
  • Swivel the wand effortlessly with the gas pump style handle – no more twisting painfully to reach something out-of-the-way.
  • The Bank Vault’s parking brake allows it to stand up on its end for easy storage in small places.
  • Portability is a snap with the easy carrying handle.
  • Protect your baseboards and walls with the furniture guard, featuring a 3-inch rubber bumper.
  • Four rubber wheels keep your floors free from unsightly scuff marks. The unique ball-bearing swivel caster wheels allow the canister to rotate freely forwards and side-to-side.
  • Full-powered with a 12 AMP motor – the largest on the market!

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