Fuller Brush Co Tidy Maid Upright Vacuum

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Who wouldn’t love to have a personal maid to clean up a couple of days a week? If that’s not in your budget, the next best thing is the Tidy Maid Upright Vacuum from the Fuller Brush Company.

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The next best thing to a real personal maid, the innovative Fuller Brush Tidy Maid is designed to clean your house from floor to ceiling — really! With its built-in telescopic power wand, you can reach and clean windowsills, countertops, and plenty of other difficult-to-reach areas. With the included dusting brush, the power wand can also be used to clean curtains and even upholstery. Extending up to 32 inches, it’s perfect for getting into corners and cleaning high shelves.

The Tidy Maid’s brush roll is ideal for loosening up ground-in dirt and debris in your carpeting. After a thorough cleaning, with its powerful 12 AMP motor, this vacuum will make your carpets sparkle! No dust, dirt, or grime can escape the Tidy Maid.

Let’s not forget about the onboard accessories. The crevice tool can get into areas not even the power wand can reach, and the dusting brush is made from natural bristles and will gently clean blinds, shelves, and everything in between.

The Fuller Brush Tidy Maid uses superior HEPA filtration with both its bags and its filter. HEPA filtration is the most efficient, because it traps up to 99.97% of particles up to .3 microns.

A handy headlight makes cleaning underneath tables and couches a breeze, and the 30-foot power cord gives you a great range of movement.

The Tidy Maids comes with a full one-year manufacturer warranty! Order yours today for FREE SHIPPING to the continental United States!