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Juki TL-2200QVP Longarm Quilting Machine

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Enjoy exceptional stitching performance in your own home with Juki’s Quilt Virtuoso Pro longarm quilting machine. The TL-2200QVP features built-in stitch regulation, automatic bobbin winding, and all of the high-end longarm features you’ve come to expect at a price that can’t be beat. Call Tops at 800-280-4919 for the BEST quote! And remember, we provide FREE delivery and in-home setup on all stand-up longarms!

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Quilters around the world are taking advantage of Juki’s high-quality expertise when it comes to longarm quilting machines. With a full 18 inches of throat space and ten-inch height, the TL-2200QVP is a pleasure to drive with smooth and solid stitching every time.


  • Built-in Stitch Regulator: Automatic stitch regulation makes it possible to produce accurate, precise stitching. When you select your stitch mode, the TL-2200QVP communicates with the encoders to maintain perfect stitch length as you move freely over your quilt.
  • Four Stitching Modes to Choose From: Cruise, Precise, Manual, and Baste.
  • Large Color LCD Touch Screen: The touch screen display indicates: Stitch Regulator Mode, LED Light Settings, Speed Control, Stitch Length, Needle Up/Down Position, and Automatic or Manual Thread Trimming.
  • Built-in Bobbin Winder: The 2200’s bobbin winder operates with an independent motor. Full capacity M-class bobbins filled with your favorite thread ready to complete your project can be wound separately from the sewing machine.
  • Adjustable Front Handle Bars: Front handle bars with padded hand grips can be adjusted to suit your personal needs. Adjust your handles horizontally, vertically, or anywhere in between! This feature gives you a customized position for comfortable quilting from start to finish.
  • Push Button Handle Bar Controls: Start or stop the machine with your right handle bar. Control the needle up or down position with the left handle bar. Gliding the TL-2200QVP over large work is a breeze.
  • Directional Bright LED Lighting: Four (4) High intensity LED lights are located above the needle. An additional 6 ultra-bright True White lights directed on your stitching area.
  • Automatic Needle Positioner: You can activate the up or down needle position for perfect stitching placement with either the left handle button or the LCD touch screen.
  • Ergonomically Positioned Auxiliary Hand Wheel: Convenient, easy reach hand wheel is located on the right side of the sewing head.
  • Laser Guide Light: The adjustable laser light can be easily positioned to efficiently follow pantographs or patterns while quilting.
  • Direct Drive Technology: Direct drive motor allows for smooth, efficient operation while quilting Low Maintenance, with Hook Oiling when needed.
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer: Threads are automatically trimmed by push button with the exclusive Juki knife system saving time and increasing efficiency.

Machine Specs

  • Sewing speed up to 2200 SPM
  • Needle bar stroke: 35mm
  • Presser Foot Lift: 5.5 mm
  • Needle GB: 134R
  • Bobbin: Large capacity “M” style
  • Motor: AC servo motor
  • Machine weight: 26kg (57.5lbs)
  • Machine dimensions: 10.25″ W x 18″ H x 28.75″ L

Choose Your Frame

The Juki TL-2200QVP is ready to be configured on a solid steel heavy duty frame to fit YOUR perfect space setup. Anywhere from five to twelve feet in length, the frame will have a Quick Release Bar System and adjustable height.

Ready to take your quilting to the next level? Contact Tops Vacuum & Sewing at 800-280-4919 for the BEST price on your Juki longarm setup!