Martelli Round-About Cutting Mat System


Quickly and easily cut and iron for your craft with the Martelli Round-About system.

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The Martelli Round-About system allows you to quickly and easily cut and iron circles for your craft. Choose the complete 3-piece set, or select the individual components you need.

Round-About Base

The turntable base is a great addition to any sewing room. It turns wonderfully and makes smaller projects easier to work on. With a 16-inch diameter, there’s plenty of space to put smaller projects on and turn instead of having to walk around your sewing table. Contains 24 stainless steel ball-bearings for smooth rotation.

Round-About Cutting Mat

The Round-About mat was designed for use with the Round-About base. Please note, it’s a different material than Martelli’s commercial-grade mats, meaning that it is not self-healing and you can not iron on it. However the mat does have the Martelli no-slip material on the back side so you can lock it into the Round-About base or use it in a stationary manner. It is also small enough to take with you on trips and use for classes. The diameter is 16.75 inches, and contains a grid with lines every quarter inch, as well as a 10-inch square on the mat for squaring up fabric.

Round-About Iron Top

The ironing top is heat-reflecting, so it transfers heat back up to iron both sides at once. The cover is removable to make it easier to clean or to put a different cover on if you want to customize your own. Fits perfectly on top of the Round-About base. PLEASE NOTE: WHEN USING THE IRONING TOP WITH THE ROUND-A-BOUT SET, BE SURE TO REMOVE THE MAT AND USE THE IRONING TOP ON THE ROUND-A-BOUT BASE ONLY. HEAT FROM THE IRON CAN WARP THE ROUND-A-BOUT MAT.

Three-Piece Full Round-About Set

Save when you order the complete Round-About 3-piece set! It includes the Round-About base, mat, and iron top.

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