Superior Threads – Fantastico Variegated Polyester Thread


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Bold variegated colors is what makes Fantastico, well, fantastic! Made from the same high-strength fibers as Magnifico and Twist, Fantastico is a variegated high-strength trilobal polyester thread with a 1-inch precision dye pattern. Available in over 150 variegated color blends, it’s excellent for topstitching applications when you want the thread to be bold and stand out.

Designed for embroidery, quilting, and decorative stitching. Unlike many other high-tenacity trilobal polyesters, Fantastico is “heat set” in processing which eliminates shrinkage.

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Pixie Dust, Sterling Silver, Owl Feathers, Kettle Corn, Maui Sand, Falcon, Peppercorn, Pecan, Cinnamon Twist, English Toffee, Fiji, Alfalfa, Horizon, Lemon Green, Springtime, Black Sand, High Society, Persian Rug, Budgie, Meteor, Tango, Monaco, Spring, Birthday Cake, Coral Reef, Pheasant, Count Your Blessings, Wintry Morning, Arctic Frost, Landslide, Wisp, Impressionist, Soft Silver, Athens, Diamond Back, Log Cabin, Dinosaur Tracks, Candlewood, Dijon Mustard, Red Rock Canyon, Forsythia, Salad Greens, Hill Top, Farmland, Oak Tree, Heartland, First Place, Very Violet, Deep Ocean, Way Cool Blue, Deep Sea Dive, Mixed Turquoise, Rainy Day, High Tide, Vintage Violet, Blossom, Playhouse, Lime Light, Creamsicle, Light Coral, Peppy, Misty Morn, Romance, Thornberry, Turkish Delight, Rose Parade, Brick Red, Bullfighter Red, Salt N Pepper, Stately, Dapple Gray, Hot Chocolate, Osprey, Golden Grandeur, Anaconda, Citrus Grove, Lemon Drop, Tiffany Yellow, Light Lemon, Lunar Landscape, Mesa, Grain Acres, Cornsilk, Solar Flare, Mango Salsa, Orange You Glad, Arizona, Briarwood, California Redwood, Duchess, Elegance, Oyster Shell, Sultan, Silverado, Dynamite, Portrait Peach, Old Growth, Hanalei, Kentucky Bluegrass, Lexington, Thorny Thicket, Scrub Oak, Big Willow, Glowing Green, Desert Sage, Lotus Leaf, Great Plains, Tangy!, Rocky Mountains, Dixie Forest, Walnut, Golden Sunflower, School Tie, Christmas Chance, Dynasty, Vogue, Tiger Eye, Kings and Queens, Blaze, Razzamatazz, Flower Power, Tropical Smoothie, King's Crown, Aloha, Unicorn, Her Majesty, Wood Grain, Cashmere, 'Tis the Season, Good Old USA, Disco, Giggles, Bridal Pink, Wishing Well, Peacock Plume, Cha Cha, Eden, Opalescence, Orange Marmalade, Samoa, Batik Blue, Lava Flow, Sun and Surf, Louisiana, Pine Valley, Bonfire, Molokini, Stained Glass, Spice Cake, Corduroy, Shades of Vanilla, Wales, Niagara, October, Baby Quinn, Magic Carpet, Marble, Pancake


500-Yard Spool, 2,000-Yard Cone


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