The Q’Nique 15 Midarm Quilting Machine from the Grace Company

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All of the professional longarm quilting features you need in a midarm package. Choose manual or built-in stitch regulation, and take your craft to the next level with high-end quality at an affordable price. Call Tops at 800-280-4919 for the best quote!

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Built with the same quality specifications and 15 inch throat space as the original Q’nique 14+ midarm, the amazing Q’nique 15 fills that “just right” spot between a domestic sewing machine and a longarm quilter. Now, you won’t have to sacrifice the features that were only available on the pricey professional machines. The Q’nique Quilter 15 includes all the professional longarm features at an affordable midarm price!

The Q’nique Quilter 15 has a full fifteen inches of throat space to accommodate large patterns and blocks. It’s compatible with many different quilting frames, so you can basically custom-design your setup for YOUR quilting room! The Q’nique 15 is also compatible with Quilter’s Creative Touch Software, bringing the possibility of a computer automated quilting system in your own home.

Expand Your Reach

When you want your quilts to make a big impact, you can turn to quilt patterns with big blocks. With the extended throat length of the Q’nique 15, larger blocks are a breeze! Never again fight with your domestic machine where fabric layers can bunch up in the throat. The length and height of the work area on the Q’nique gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns or blocks.

Superior Stitching Quality

Get beautiful stitching with either of the Q’nique 15 models. Both feature a high-powered motor capable of up to 1,800 stitches per minute, and the thread tension is easily adjustable.

Comfortable Stitching Process

Novice and advanced quilters alike are delighted with how much easier quilting is with a quilting frame! Moving the machine to stitch is like drawing with a pencil on paper, not moving the paper underneath a stationary pencil.

LED Lights the Way

Bring your projects to light with high powered, daylight color–balanced LED work lights to illuminate your projects while quilting. You can even control the brightness to meet your own comfort levels.

Easy-Access Bobbin

Bobbin changing doesn’t get any easier! The bobbin of the Q’nique 15 quilting machine has been designed for easy and quick access. Changing or checking on your bobbin is now more user–friendly than ever.

Built-In Bobbin Winder

The included bobbin winder on the Q’nique Quilter runs its own separate built–in motor, so you can refill bobbins without having to run the machine.

Large M-Class Bobbin

The Q’nique 15 Quilter comes standard with a large class M Bobbin. This lets you keep on quilting, and quilting, and quilting…for longer periods of time without having to stop to refill!

Quick-Access Controls

Enjoy the ease of having all the sewing power LITERALLY right at your fingertips. All major functions and settings can be controlled right from the handles and seen on the display.

Manual or Built-In Stitch Regulation

The choice is yours when it comes to the Q’nique 15. If you’re like many quilters and prefer the simple manual stitch mode, the Q’nique 15M is the machine for you. However, if you appreciate the advantages of built-in stitch regulation, you’ll want the Q’nique 15R. Either way, you’re getting the best of the best in midarm quilting quality!

  • Manual (Q’nique 15M):The LED screen displays the current speed setting and can be adjusted up or down with the push of a button on the handles. While this model has no stitch regulation, a stitch regulation upgrade can be purchased separately for this machine if you change your mind later.
  • Built-In (Q’nique 15R): Stitch regulation keeps your beautiful stitches consistently the same length. As you speed up or slow down in your movements, the machine will speed up and slow down its stitching speed, so you won’t have to worry about some stitches being longer or shorter than others. Built in with the 15R, all of the stitch regulation settings can be controlled from the handles by using six quick-access buttons.

Choose Your Frame

No matter what your space needs, the Grace Company has just the right stand-up frame for YOUR Q’nique 15 Quilter. Choose the size that works for you:

  • Continuum King Frame (10-foot): Maximum frame length 127.75″ (including hand-wheel)
  • Continuum Queen Frame (8-foot): Maximum frame length 103.5″ (including hand-wheel)
  • Q-Zone Hoop-Frame: Space saving with a maximum frame length of 54″ but you can still quilt larger quilts.

The Q’nique Quilter 15 is packed with features in an accommodating size at an attractive price. This mid-arm quilting machine combined with the skill and creativity of a modern quilter is sure to result in beautiful and satisfying products for the home or business. Choose the setup that’s right for you, and contact Tops Vacuum & Sewing at 800-280-4919 for the best price!


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